News: Martin Garrix Talks New Music


Martin Garrix talks about what’s in store for 2016. New music and a debut album is what you can expect in 2016 from Martin Garrix. He says that he’s open to experimenting with new singers, rapers, and other people. Exciting news for Marin Garrix fans like myself! In the video he also takes a look at how far he’s come from when he first started to now. He loves staying in touch with his fans via social media so make sure you’re following him on Twitter, @MartinGarrix, to stay up to date on what new and exciting things he’s working on.

Don’t forget to check out his Spotify Playlist, The Martin Garrix Show!


First Blog Post!

Hey everyone! This is my first post, not sure what this blog will become. I plan on just posting some EDM stuff I like, such as songs, pictures, videos, vines, tweets, etc. It’s a Friday night and I can’t get this song out of my head it’s Angel by DVBBS! Hope you enjoy!